How Aussies Are Reducing Unaffordable Debt

How Thousands Of Aussies Are Reducing Unaffordable Debt

People with heavy debt are paying down balances quicker and saving $1,000’s in interest repayments*.

Debt free family

A recent review by ASIC on credit card debt, identified that 18.5%^ of consumers with credit cards are overwhelmed with their debt load. The amount of credit card debt in Australia is exorbitant and total personal debt only increases when adding loans to this figure. Its no surprise thousands of Aussies are looking for assistance in tackling debt.

Taking Control Of Debt

When it comes to debt relief many don’t realise that there are numerous reduction strategies available and that many qualify for multiple solutions. There’s more to debt relief than balance transfers and debt consolidation loans. Having success with paying down debt comfortably is identifying which strategy works best for your circumstances and expectations.

Getting A Debt Relief Plan

Everyone’s debt is different and having the right debt relief plan in place can assist in:

  • Combining debt into one affordable repayment that fits your budget
  • Potentially stop further interest and fees on debt
  • Stop creditor and collection calls
  • Possibly reduce the overall debt owed
  • Shave years off debt repayments (have an end date to work to)
  • Save thousands in interest repayments*

Are You Struggling With Debt?

Out of control debt can be stressful, but with some professional help, you could keep your debt in check. Establishing a debt relief plan with the assistance of a specialist can quickly put you on the right path, getting you out of debt quicker and saving you thousands in interest repayments and fees*.

A quick online debt analysis can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

When considering any type of financial assistance, make sure you are fully informed on the terms and there is a short and long-term benefit to you.

*A consumer may be able to save thousands in interest where high interest credit cards and personal loans are consolidated into a lower interest rate personal loan or home loan. This solution may not be appropriate or available to all consumers.
^ASIC credit card report

Take Control Of Debt

Save Time & Money

Break free from the cycle of minimum repayments and juggling bills with a personalised debt relief plan.

Lower Monthly Repayments

Combine all unsecure debt into one affordable repayment that fits the family budget.

Protect The Future

A debt relief plan may assist in the development of financial skills to help avoid future debt.