Debt Stress Level

At what point should it be a concern?

Debt Stress Level

At what point should it be a concern?

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt, you’re not alone. Thousands of Australians struggle with debt year after year.

As debt is so common, it can be hard to tell if you have too much of it or when its becoming a problem. There are some warning signs that could help determine if your finances are at risk because you have too much debt.



  • You have no savings and would have to use a credit card or take out a loan to pay for an unexpected expense or emergency.
  • You struggle to make your monthly repayments
  • You charge more than you pay back each month
  • You only make the minimum repayment amount
  • You have to use credit or savings to pay your monthly bills



  • Your constantly worrying about money and live pay to pay.
  • You have tried budgeting but it isn’t working
  • Your embarrassed about your financial situation
  • Your transferring money between accounts to try and stay a float
  • You don’t have savings
  • Your don’t know how much you owe
  • Your starting to get behind on repayments



  • Your money worries have turned into serious stress and anxiety
  • You argue with your partner or family members about money
  • Your credit cards are maxed out; the principal on loans hasn’t reduced
  • Debt collectors are calling
  • You struggle to make minimum repayments or pay less than what is owed.
  • Your total monthly bills are increasing each month

If experiencing the above points or scenarios, it's important to start resolving debt as soon as possible. Ignoring the situation only adds to the spiral of debt, getting guidance on genuine options is the first step in taking back control.

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